Company presentation

PC Rettig & Co AB is an investment company investing in tourism, real estate and securities. The company has its base in the Nordics. 

The company's holdings in tourism mainly consist of interests in Strömma Turism och Sjöfart AB. Strömma has its roots in the Finnish company Ångfartygs AB Bore, established in 1897 by founders including Fredric von Rettig, and Strömma Kanal Aktiebolaget, founded by vessel enthusiasts who saved a number of older vessels that would otherwise have been lost to history. The company's investments in real estate are carried out through PC Rettig & Co Real Estate and consist of directly owned assets and interests in Rettig Fastighetsutveckling Ab. The company's investments in securities are carried out through PC Rettig & Co Securities.

The company history stretches back to 1809 when Per Christian Rettig founded P.C Rettig & Co, a tobacco factory in Gävle, Sweden. While the company’s origins are in the tobacco industry, the family has been active within a range of industries both in Sweden and Finland, such as shipbuilding, iron, shipping, brewing and industrial production. In 2012, the Rettig companies were divided into two family businesses with a joint history: Rettig Capital wih its seat in Finland, and PC Rettig & Co with its seat in Sweden. PC Rettig & Co is owned by the interests of Hans von Rettig's family branch.