Who was Per Christian Rettig?

Per Christian Rettig founded the tobacco firm P. C. Rettig & Co, which became the foundation of the later industrial operations, in 1809. This is why the company bears his name. Per Christian was active in shipping, shipbuilding and iron production.

Who is the man in the logo?

Steffen Cerillius Rettig (1750-1828) is the ancestor who moved from Germany to Sweden where he started his business in the 1790s. His son Per Christian Rettig started a tobacco factory in Gävle in 1809 and the company P. C. Rettig & Co was founded. Steffen Cerillius enabled Per Christian to start his own company, just as Per Christian did for future generations. This is why Steffen Cerillius' silhouette is part of the logotype for Per Christian Rettig & Co.

How old is the company?

Per Christian Rettig & Co has its roots in P.C. Rettig & Co which was founded in 1809.

What is the difference between Per Christian Rettig and Rettig Group?

In 2012, the Rettig family's businesses were divided which resulted in two family businesses. Rettig Capital, which owns Rettig Group, with its seat in Finland, and Per Christian Rettig with its seat in Sweden. Rettig Capital is owned by Cyril and Tom von Rettig's branches of the family, while Per Christian Rettig & Co is owned by the interests of Hans von Rettig's branch of the family.