Rettig Art Award

Rettig Art Award

Today, 80 years after Antonie Rettig's donation to the city of Gävle, PC Rettig & Co together with Rettig Capital have established an arts grant, "Rettigs Konstnärsstipendium", together with Länsmuseet Gävleborg. The grant is to be awarded semi-annually at the end of September (starting 2015). The grant is awarded to an artist active in Sweden whose work is on current issues. 

Gävleborgs länsmuseum was established using means originating in a donation from Antonie Rettig. Antonie Rettig passed away in 1933 and left "John and Antonie Rettig's museum funds to the city of Gävle". Gävle Museum, "a museum for art, furniture and design" was opened in 1940. The donation made it possible to build one of the country's most significant art collections outside Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. 

The Rettig donation included around a thousand works of arts and crafts. These items became the basis for the collections. The museum displays parts of the Rettig collection of art and crafts as well as a large number of further artworks. The museum art collection hangs in the Rettig art halls over two floors. More than 300 works are presented. The collection now includes 2000 works from all eras. The collection includes works by Alexander Roslin, Marcus Larsson, Jenny Nyström and Carl Larsson. There are also works from 1940 to present day, highlights including Peter Tillberg, Gunnar Cyrén and Lena Cronqvist. The establishing donation included master pieces by David Klöcker, von Ehrenstrahl, Johan Tobias Sergel and Ernst Josephson.

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Previous Winners

Josefin Lindskog - 2019

Ella Tillema - 2017

Knutte Wester - 2015